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Taking music to prestigious places

Powering athletes with music to reach the most supreme edges of the world.

What do Antarctica, Mount Everest, and a Norwegian underwater cave have in common? Probably a few things, but we are proud to soon be adding music concert to the list.

We know for a fact

Powering athletes with music to reach the most supreme edges of the world.

We like to see ourselves as the music rebel who disrupts and challenge the status quo. To do so, our team of music researchers and specialists always ensures we got the most recent data and research onboard.

The glue in between industries

We connect the music industry with our network of global brands.

We love building bridges between brands into the world of music. With deep roots into some of the world’s most significant brand portfolios, we connect the dots to create unique projects and opportunities.


Allow the music
industry to thrive.

We work directly with the labels and rights holders’ organisations to protect and empower the work of artists, musicians, and singers/songwriters across the world. We ensure all licensees are in place for you to enjoy the music and know the industry gets paid accordingly.

Let’s introduce ourselves.

ACX Music consists of a rebellious, diverse, and creative team including musicians, content creators, marketers, music curators, researchers, salespeople, and more - all with a strong passion for music.