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ACX Music consists of forward-thinkers and creative souls from all around the world - all with a strong passion for music.

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ACX Music specializes in accelerating brands, ultimately for them to connect with their audience through the universal language of music. We do this by building unique music solutions at every point of a consumer’s music experience with your brand.

We differentiate ourselves by providing 360 solutions that go beyond traditional music agencies. Our capabilities stretch from music branding, licensing, and sound design into original content creation, studio production, artist representation, and all the way into the entertainment industry.

For a brand to stay successful over time, it needs to continuously hit the three components of creating daily engagement, staying time relevant, and recruiting younger. Your brand needs to connect to something that truly resonates and that makes people care.

We bring over twenty years of experience in the music hardware industry into today's digital era. Through unique partnerships and attention to detail, ACX Music has been able to proliferate in the global marketplace with international recognition.Today, ACX Music can provide unique solutions by leveraging our global network of labels, independents, studios, sports leagues, and entertainment stakeholders to fully captivate your audience.

Meet the team


Artist Managers


Music Curators



Sound Designers

Sound Designers

Sound Designers


Artist Managers

Music Curators



Content Creators


Sound Designers

Emma Jackson

Chief People Officer

Currently listening to:

Bright Intentions



Good boy

Currently listening to:

Tha Doggfather

Snoop Dogg

Helen Begby

Office Manager

Currently listening to:

Hey Little Girl


King Yiu Chu

Head of Product

Currently listening to:

Nina Callenås

Head of Operations

Currently listening to:

Risky Business


Carolina Hernández


Alejandro Ortega

Content Creator

Rayam Pinto

Digital Designer

Currently listening to:

Ingrid Kjøpstad

Lead Designer

Irene Maese

Music Curator

Brett Piron

Music Curator

Matt Bone

Head of Music, EMEA

Currently listening to:

Str8 Outta Mumbai

Jai Paul

Klaudia Staniek

Head of Content & Partnerships

Currently listening to:


The Prodigy

Maria Palos

Social Media Manager

Currently listening to:

I feel love

Donna Summer

Simen Qvist

Brand Manager

Currently listening to:


Jesper Ryom

Fredrik Ingebrigtsen

Marketing Manager

Currently listening to:

Bryant Clark

Chief Growth Officer, US

Currently listening to:

Lisbeth Kjøpstad Sørgård

Chief Commercial Officer

Currently listening to:

Svein Sørgård

Chief Executive Officer

Currently listening to:

Philip Lingman

Head of Marketing

Currently listening to:

Channel Orange

Frank Ocean

Meet Svein: Our founder and CEO

Svein is a Norwegian music- & tech entrepreneur and the founder of ACX Music. 10 years ago, Svein decided to funnel all his passion, time, and money to start building his own music company.

Today he successfully runs ACX Music as its CEO and has grown the company into +30 employees with offices in Oslo, Barcelona, and Las Vegas.

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how it all started

Luxury speakers with indisputable quality

It all started with a state-of-the-art design speaker developed for the global luxury car brand Aston Martin.

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