“I’m thrilled to begin this new journey with ACX Music as tech, music, and sports brands have always been close to my heart. It felt like the perfect mix, and I am eager to get started” Enrico, new Content Manager at ACX Music.   

ACX Music is happy to announce a new hire, Enrico Caschetta, to fill the new position as our Content Manager. Enrico is an award-winning editor, colorist, and producer with an exciting content background. He has over a decade of experience working with many well-known global brands such as MTV, Sony, Discovery, MSC Cruises, and Louis Vuitton-Moët Hennessy.  

“I’ve always had a passion for building and managing the creative side of brands, and when this opportunity came along, I instantly knew that I wanted to become a part of this team. Bringing together sports and brands closer to their core audiences through music and tech is such a unique concept. I’ve never seen anyone do something similar at this scale, and the synergy between those sectors is something that strongly resonates with my core” says Enrico.

Enrico now prepares to join the business and iron out the details on his move to Norway together with his wife for a more structured everyday life environment.

“I’ve considered a move to Norway in the past, and when this opportunity came along, and I received the offer, it almost felt like it was too good to be true. Norway is such a breath-taking place. Further more, music drives the beat of my heart. It’s a universal language and the cornerstone of my creative process. Being able to leverage that passion into a music-environment is absolutely amazing”, Enrico continues.

While many businesses steer carefully through today’s uncertain environments, ACX Music continues to push forward to find growth – this time through an additional headcount.

“When looking at the current business landscape at large, we are very fortunate to continue our recruitment processes. We are absolutely thrilled to have Enrico on the team, and I believe his strong capabilities and earlier experiences from many well-known global brands will benefit us in many ways,” says Svein Sorgard, CEO at ACX Music Group.

Enrico joins the team in mid-November.