As ACX Music expands into the vast international landscape, we welcome a stellar sales superstar to join us in our Barcelona office. A warm welcome to Peter Lovas, our new B2B Sales Manager!

Peter was born and raised in Hungary, and after 10 years in Vienna, he came to settle in Barcelona. He has traveled through more than 16 countries while working for Swarovski in Retail Sales and B2B training. His many fortes include sales, customer experience, and staff development. He loves to take full advantage of Barcelona’s excellent climate and enjoys gardening and having barbecues in his spare time.

Peter is a retail maverick, this combined with his passion for music will surely be invaluable in kickstarting our new global sales initiative.

-Music has always been an essential part of my life, and I also know how much it can affect our emotions. Throughout my career, it has greatly assisted me to connect with people and helped me achieve maximum focus in stressful situations. My profession has always included extensive travel, and the music along the way allowed me to enhance the experience, made it an adventure, and made me feel at home wherever I happened to be at the time, Peter says.

Peter hits the ground running and has already joined Ibiza IMS, an international music summit for the industry to network and exchange experiences.

A warm welcome to ACX Music, Peter!