Aston Martin

Aston Martin

CEO and founder Svein Arne’s career have always been attached to music and sound. Before creating ACX Music Group, he founded one of the world’s first combined Class-D amplifier and switch-mode power-supply companies.

“What we set out to achieve with this speaker was to capture the classic Aston Martin luxury, class, elegance, beauty, and power in a tight little package for fans, owners, and collectors worldwide.”

Svein Sorgard

In 2012, he started working with Aston Martin and through that collaboration, the Aston Martin Zygote speaker was born. The Aston Martin Zygote speaker was designed by legendary Aston Martin Designer Chris Emmett with one goal in mind, luxury.Made of top-notch Class D amplifiers and with a supreme power of 240 Watts, the Aston Martin Zygote can connect wirelessly to any source including another Zygote, all you need to do to charge it is plug in the cord.The minimalistic Zygote is truly a sight for sore eyes and comes in three striking color schemes, Morning Frost White, Madagascar Orange, and Onyx Black. Which are all officially certified Aston Martin Paint colors.

Originally designed to resemble the form of an Aston Martin car wing mirror, this two-foot-wide speaker delivers an “unparalleled and extremely powerful sound performance”.This is truly a collaboration fit for a super-fan of the high-end luxury of Aston Martin.