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ACX Music has been trusted as the music partner of Belushi's for providing the right musical atmosphere to their venue located in the city center of Barcelona. Through our music technology, we were able to provide Belushi’s with a reliable and affordable music solution tailored to their specific customers and needs.

“To uplift customers' moods and maintain a lively atmosphere, we collaborated with the Belushi team to refresh their music branding.”

Hedda Markus, Music Curator.

Belushi’s International Sports Bar has been a global staple for years for travelers of all ages that also want to have a good time, eat, drink, dance, make lifelong friends, and the watch best international sports on the big screen TVs.Upon entering their establishment, our team realized that Belushi’s could greatly benefit from an upgrade and revamping their music branding.

"ACX Music has been a pleasant surprise and solution to our music needs, enhancing the bar's atmosphere for customers and the team. With easy customization and regular updates, it's a great addition to our bar!”

Alex Deluca, Marketing Manager

The result became a carefully selected 1200-track atmosphere that goes across several genres and moods with a certain set of BPMs as a baseline to create a lively pub atmosphere that keeps the customers on their toes and always engaged during the day.

As the demographic is primarily young travelers, it was critical that the new music curation had to be tied in with an International and upbeat catalog.

Our service now fuels Belushi’s and works like clockwork. No more plugging in and out tablets or computers, delays or lagging due to unstable wi-fi, or dealing with low-quality music files. We always keep the music fresh for you and take care of the music licensing to allow the management of Belushi´s to focus on their customers. Simply press play and hear the difference.For more information, check out their website or Instagram account.

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