Chidy Wayne

Chidy Wayne

ACX Music was trusted by the Barcelona-based artist Chidy Wayne to create a unique and tailor-made music atmosphere for his art exhibition event in the city center of Barcelona.

”Our vision was to equally combine music and art, having the two elements work together as one, complimenting one another in a fascinating way.”

Matt Bone, Head of Music EMEA.

The high-end art exhibition hosted 70 specially invited guests and ACX Music was responsible to amplify the experience through music. Our team of music professionals carefully selected and designed the atmosphere based on the vision of the artist as well as the look and feel of his art to make all components come together and harmonize as one. To give the experience a personal touch, the atmosphere was influenced by the same kind of music which were used during the creative process of creating the art itself.

“It was very important to me that the curation mirrored the way that he painted on canvas. The show went off without a hitch, and a good time was had by all!”

Brett Prion, Music Curator.

To build additional excitement towards the end, ACX Music arranged a live performance together with the artist – a well-received element to further build the connection between music and the artist. All in all, a successful evening where the artist was able not only to showcase his work but also to network and sell his pieces in an environment supported by music.Chidy Wayne is a Barcelona-based artist who works in various media, including painting, sculpture, illustration, music, and animation. For more information, check his website or Instagram account.