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UFC Ultimate Sound

UFC Ultimate Sound

The link between music and sports has always been natural. Artists and athletes both use music to boost performance and mood. Whether backstage to motivate themselves or onstage performing for thousands of fans. With UFC Ultimate Sound’s groundbreaking platform, we created the first-ever music and media app for fans.

“Music is integral to sports, and UFC athletes have personal playlists for training and walk-outs, as well as songs for promos. The UFC Ultimate Sound app deepens the connection between fans and athletes through music."

Svein Sorgard

The UFC Ultimate Sound App gives exclusive access to official music mixes made by UFC athletes and helps you get to know your favorite UFC athletes' personal taste in music, prepare like a champ with tailored music mixes for different workouts and gives you access to exclusive video content about UFC athletes and their music tastes

“UFC is always at the forefront when it comes to fan engagement. We are proud to be the first brand in the world to offer fans the opportunity to connect with UFC and fighters in a way never seen before.”

Tracey Bleczinski, UFC Senior Vice President of Consumer Products

Along with the UFC Ultimate Sound App’s many features, the playlists are all hand-curated by music industry professionals and DJs who work with each athlete to reflect their personal tastes, activities, and specific workouts.

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