ACX Music announces its first ambassador partnership

ACX Music is excited to share the news of unifying music, performance acceleration, and recovery through abrand-new partnership together with the Norwegian adventurers Siv Harstad andHåkon Skog Erlandsen.

ACX Music is excited to share the news of unifying music, performance acceleration, and recovery through a brand-new partnership together with the Norwegian adventurers Siv Harstad and Håkon Skog Erlandsen.

An important part of ACX Music is researching and further discovering the health benefits of using customized music for your recovery. We are thrilled about now being able to elevate our tools and findings and put these into the world of sports, adventures, and athletes.

«From the minute we met with Siv and Håkon, I knew that we wanted to be a part of their journey. They, like us, aim at the very top and there are a lot of additional synergies between our backgrounds and ambitions. Siv and Håkon dream big and thrive going where no one else has gone before. That appeals to me on a personal level and is how I have always lived my life as a business entrepreneur. We share the same passion for music, and both want to understand on a deep level how music can accelerate performance in extreme conditions,» says Svein Arne Sørgård, CEO at ACX Music Group.

Many factors can come into play when using music to accelerate your performance. Some types of music can get you into the mood to perform at the highest level, while others can help you achieve the highest quality of sleep and recovery. Through in-depth studies, we’re able to track top athletes and show what methods are best suited for their routine, something that both Siv and Håkon find very exciting.

«Collaborating with ACX Music gives us the opportunity to follow our ambitions and continue to Dream Big. Our adventures have taken us all over the globe. Music is such a powerful tool that we actively use to perform. We are excited to collaborate with a specialist such as ACX Music to further fuel our adventures with the right types of music,» says Siv and Håkon jointly.

ACX Music will work together with these two thrill-seekers to discover new grounds within music and recovery in extreme conditions. Together we will break new boundaries and go beyond what`s possible within recovery, original music creation, and adventures.

Get to know Siv and Håkon

Siv Harstad is a TEDx and motivational speaker, expedition leader, adventurer, and mindset coach. She has climbed all 7 summits (the highest mountain on each continent), and she is the first Norwegian woman to summit Mt. Everest from the Nepal side.

Håkon William Skog Erlandsen is a musician, adventurer, and triathlete. For years he’s been a part of the Scandinavian production company and music collective “Need Music” comprised of the leading vocalists, DJs, and producers. After years of touring and performing, he decided to start competing in endurance competitions as a means of recovery. He has now coined “JAZZATHLETE,” with the goal to play his saxophone on top of each of the 7 summits.

Together Siv and Håkon aspire to reach both the North and South poles. Siv is aiming to be the first person to climb the 7 summits, 7 volcanos, and reach both poles, while Håkon composes a 70-person orchestra symphony of his journey climbing 7 summits and reaching both poles.

“In 2015 I was in the midst of Nepal`s largest earthquake in 80 years, measured at 7.9 on the Richter’s scale. This shook me both physically and mentally. Both while I was still in Nepal and after I came back home, music became important to me and supported me in being in the mentally right place. I use music actively every day and it’s always there for me to tap into when needed.”

Siv Harstad

Adventurer, expedition leader, speaker and coach

“I use music to amplify the impressions from my surroundings. Music is the tool I use to enhance the mood I am in or want to get to. I completed Norseman in 2015. After 12 hours of active competition, I reached the foot of Zoombie Hill, the last 17km of the race, a long and tough uphill battle of 1800 height meters. I pressed play on my motivational playlist, which inspired me to push through the last hours of pain with a smile on my face.”

Håkon Skog Erlandsen

Adventurer, musician and triathlete

To learn more, please visit their website, or through social media at Instagram handles @sivharstad and @jazzathlete. For general questions about the partnership, please contact ACX Music at