ACX Music announces new ambassador partnership!

ACX Music is excited to share the news of unifying music, performance acceleration, and recovery through a brand new partnership with Norwegian MMA athlete Cecilie Bolander.

Over the years, ACX Music has worked with many of the top UFC athletes to help them enhance their performance and recovery. Based on this experience and insight ACX Music is now comfortable to sign its first athlete to support through the power of music.

«Cecilie is one of those people who impress you from the first moment you meet her. Her passion to succeed in MMA sports and becoming the first female UFC fighter from Norway is something ACX Music wants to be a part of. UFC is one of the toughest sports in the world and we are proud to support Cecilie on her continuing journey to the top. Tough goals and far-reaching ambitions have always been a part of my own personal journey, both as a young sports athlete and later in life as a corporate business athlete. As Cecilie says it herself, It’s all about finding your inner warrior, sticking to it, and always pushing forward. Your goals and success will follow from there. Music is essential to sports performance, and ACX Music intends to deliver the best possible music for Cecilie to perform and recover in the best ways possible.” says CEO Svein Arne Sørgård.

The importance of music to MMA athletes’ careers cannot be understated. When engaging in the single most difficult athletic endeavor on the planet, achieving optimal performance day in and day out is essential. Music can stimulate the human brain in various ways, and there is immense potential in optimizing the use of music for athletes and individuals. One interesting focus area of the ACX Music Ambassador Program is to pick the brain of high-level athletes and discover the potential health benefits of using music.

«One of the reasons I want to work with ACX Music is that they use research to look at the potential health benefits of using music. One of the projects that I am involved in is specifically aimed at improving recovery for athletes through music profiling. As an athlete, I am always looking for the things that can give me a competitive advantage, and optimizing recovery is essential for us,» says Cecilie.

We plan to track extreme athletes through in-depth studies in the ACX Music Ambassador Program to show what methods best suit their routines. ACX Music has for the past years gained valuable experience in working with some of the best MMA athletes in the world. As the developer of UFC Ultimate Sound – the Official Sound of UFC – the company has developed a music streaming service of customized playlists for UFC athletes. Many top-level athletes use music as a powerful tool to boost athletic performance, and Cecilie is no exception.

«Music is a part of me everywhere I go. It’s one of the primary needs in my life. Sleep, food, exercise, and music! Music is a way to process and release my emotions. Both the difficult ones, but also the good ones. The emotions that make me smile from ear to ear. One of the most important things that music does for me, is to give me confidence! The confidence I need before I go into the cage and fight. I’m not saying I can’t do it without music, because NOTHING is impossible, but the music becomes my on- and off switch. When I press play and turn up the volume. Well, then it’s GO time,» says Cecilie.

ACX Music welcomes Cecilie Bolander as the newest member of the ACX Music Ambassador Team. To learn more, please visit her through social media with Instagram handle @c.bolander. For general questions about the partnership, please contact ACX Music at