ACX Music is spreading like wildfire!

The rule of three apparently applies to new recruitment as well! Much welcome Helen, Ida, and Alejandro to the ACX Music team in Oslo.

Helen Begby joins as our new Business Controller and brings a diverse and broad spectrum of skills as she’s been working across PR, sales, communication, administration, and management for over 20 years. On a private note, she loves spending time abroad, reading, and listening to good music. She’s 5th generation Oslo and also a huge fan of dogs!

Secondly, we are thrilled to welcome Ida Strøm Bakken as our new Chief Legal Officer. With a Master's Degree in Law from UiO and a couple of years practicing the art of tax, audit, and business law she is now ready to dive into the legal aspects of the international music industry.

Third but not least we are strengthening our Production Team with another creative mind! Much welcome Alejandro Ortega who is joining as a Content Creator and Graphical Designer. While Helen and Ida know their way around Oslo, Alejandro just moved here after living in Miami, South Africa, and Bergen for the last 6 years. Alejandro is also a musician and DJ operating within the electronic music scene in both Colombia and Norway.