How to use music for recovery?

Did you know that music can play a significant role in the world of sports recovery? Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, integrating the right tunes into your post-workout routine can enhance your recovery process and potentially improve your performance in the long run.

The Rhythm of Recovery


 In the world of sports, where pushing physical boundaries is a daily pursuit, recovery becomes an essential aspect of maintaining peak performance.
While rest and proper nutrition play a crucial role, there is a melodious ally that has caught the attention of athletes and sports enthusiasts alike - music.
Just as music has the power to stir emotions and create connections in our daily lives, its influence extends to the realm of sports recovery. How?
1. Reducing Stress and Anxiety: Engaging in intense physical activities, such as sports, can often leave the body feeling exhausted and the mind overwhelmed. Listening to soothing music post-workout has been found to have a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety levels. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners found that patients who listened to relaxing music experienced significantly lower levels of stress after physical exertion compared to those who didn't listen to any music.  [Source: Taylor & Francis]
2. Accelerating Healing: Music has the power to distract the mind from pain and discomfort, allowing the body to focus on healing. According to a research article in Frontiers in Psychology, individuals who listened to music during their recovery period reported a decrease in perceived pain intensity and an overall improvement in their physical recovery. [Source: Frontiers in Psichology].
3. Boosting Motivation and Focus: Getting back into the rhythm after a strenuous workout can be a daunting task. Upbeat and motivational music can provide the necessary boost to regain focus and motivation. A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that athletes who incorporated high-energy music into their post-exercise routine demonstrated increased levels of motivation and better mental preparedness for future workouts. [Source: National Center for Health Research]

The Power of Tempo and Genre

The effectiveness of music in sports recovery isn't just about its presence; the tempo and genre can also make a significant impact.
1. Recovery Time Optimization: The tempo of the music you choose can influence the speed of your recovery. A meta-analysis conducted by the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews revealed that listening to music with a slow tempo can help decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure, which are essential elements for the body's recovery process. [Source: National Library of Medicine]
2. Personalized Preferences: Different individuals respond differently to various music genres. For some, classical melodies might induce a state of relaxation, while others might find their recovery rhythm in upbeat pop or rock tracks. By identifying your personal preferences, you can create a playlist that resonates with you, thus enhancing the overall recovery experience.
From reducing stress and anxiety to boosting motivation and focus, music offers an array of benefits that can greatly enhance your post-workout experience.

Our experience: Recovery Sessions by ACX Music


After negotiating a global partnership with the UFC and creating the UFC Ultimate Sound Application, which is a platform for fans and UFC athletes to connect and share their favourite music, ACX Music CEO Svein Arne Sorgaard saw that there was a great need to focus on the area of recovery.
Recovery is essential in sports, mental health, wellness, relaxation, sleep, along with many more areas. With that in mind, ACX Music went out on the search for recovery experts to join our diverse international team.
“The area of recovery is s somewhat new but absolutely essential part of our everyday life, and our plan here at ACX Music is really delved to the depths of what we can achieve with recovery-based research, which will be conducted by our in-house professionals” -Svein
As recovery and research are a prime focus for the company, we imagined a future where our brand could bring recovery sessions to the forefront and host events for entire companies and individuals delivering top-notch recovery sessions based on real research and designed by our in-house recovery experts.
A small trial run was arranged with 25 of our ACX Music employees and friends in Barcelona’s beautiful park Ciutadella, where our recovery expert Henrikke hosted a recovery session focused on yoga, meditation, and relaxation.
The soundtrack to Henrikke’s relaxation therapy was a mix of soothing tracks to accompany her voice while she led everyone into a deep meditation session. In the middle of one of Barcelona’s most beautiful monuments, everyone was on their mats in deep meditation, with a lavender mask on, enjoying the natural ambience.
“I have never experienced such a fully immersive recovery session before. The yoga helped stretch the muscles and alleviate stress and anxiety. I had done yoga before but the meditation was what really blew me away. Thirty minutes of deep meditation and relaxation where I could be alone with my thoughts. After the thirty minutes was up, I woke up feeling brand new, a sensation I had never experienced before.” Maria Palos, attendee.
With many more sessions on the horizon, the future looks very promising indeed and ACX Music is already developing new ways of using music as a tool for recovery.


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